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Access to Arena of Beauty Professional is a ticket purchased at the cashier or online in advance at


Tickets purchased online:

Daily ticket – 10 BGN / Two-day ticket – 14 BGN / Three-day ticket (Full pass) – 20 BGN

Tickets purchased online with registration for professionals:

Daily ticket – 6 BGN / Two-day ticket – 9 BGN / Three-day ticket (Full Pass) – 12 BGN

Tickets purchased at the doors of the exhibition:

Daily ticket - 12 BGN / Two-day ticket – 17 BGN / Three-day ticket (Full Pass) – 24 BGN

Tickets purchased at the doors of the exhibition with registration for professionals:

Daily ticket – 9 BGN / Two-day ticket – 13 BGN / Three-day ticket (Full Pass) – 18 BGN


Important note for the subscribers of ArenaINFO

All subscribers of, who have renewed their subscription after 25.05.2018 г. can use a 50% discount on the price of the ticket. Subscribers can choose if they want to use the discount for a Daily, Two-day, or Three-day (Full pass) tickets. The subscriber can select the ticket purchasing methord. In order to receive the discount, the Organizer sends email with Promo Code for the online purchase and a Coupon, if the subscriber prefers to pay at the doors of the event. Subscribers can only use the Promo code or the coupon. They are valid for one purchase only!

Follow this link for event ticket purchasing-

Online tickets wil be available until the 2nd October 2018.