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Innovative Italian design, high quality and performance focused in the tanning industry, continue to reflect the spirit of the company, Sportarredo Group offers to the professionals competitive products and services to meet and exceed their needs and delight their senses.

The investment Sportarredo has made in operations, products and people are positioning the company for even greater achievements in years to come.

Sportarredo’s strategy management is realistically ambitious. As one of the most important European leaders, Sportarredo knows that to have success also in Bulgaria it has to achieve results step by step, day by day.

As Sportarredo makes progress, it is constantly learning, adapting and making improvements to assure always the best products to offer to the customers.

With passion and professionalism, Sportarredo Group actively communicates with all the professionals to deliver the best products and services that could exceed their customers' expectations.

Sportarredo pursues highest standards of quality and customer care in its products and services.


“Success is a learning process. Any achievement launches a new challenge for excellence”.

 Stefano Iridio – Area Sales Manager - Sportarredo Group