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Product sectors: 
Nail care & Design
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LuxiPro Ltd


LUXIO is 100% pure gel that is odorless and solvent-free. It is made in Canada. LUXIO is harmless to the health of the nail technicians and their clients. LUXIO is formulated to protect the natural nail, so the nails do not dry out. You can wear LUXIO constantly and your nails will remain undamaged. LUXIO is very thick and highly pigmented. It delivers maximum control and ease of application. LUXIO is perfect for "probmlematic nails" with deformed or flat nail plates - you can construct an ideal nail form with the thick base. It delivers 14 days perfect shine! LUXIO HAS MORE THAN 135 COLORS Every season LUXIO 6 new colors are added to our pallete. The coors can be easily mixed with each other You can use the material in the bottle to the last drop because LUXIO does not dry out. 100% gel means that there are no solvents to evaporate and it stays liquid no matter how long you use it. You can service 60-70 clients with one 15 ml bottle.