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From September 27 to September 29, 2019, the International Fair Arena of Beauty Professional devoted to perfumery, cosmetics, services and the equipment in the field of beauty will be held in the city of Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria.

Innovative Italian design, high quality and performance focused in the tanning industry, continue to reflect the spirit of the company, Sportarredo Group offers to the professionals competitive products and services to meet and exceed their needs and delight their senses.

Dear friends

It is honor and pleasure for the people who they consist the "Lashed Cost Selling LTD " company, to be the GOLDEN SPONSOR at the NAILS OLYMPIC COMPETITION!

We are also happy because now, simultaneously with the opening of the ARENA OF BEAUTY 2018 exhibition, we can present to you, a new jewel in the glamorous world of nail products!

Founded in 1909 in Barcelona, Spain, ARTERO has over 105 years of experience in distributing and manufacturing goods for professional hairdressing and products for the care and hygiene of our pets.