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New jewel in the glamourous world of nail products!

Dear friends

It is honor and pleasure for the people who they consist the "Lashed Cost Selling LTD " company, to be the GOLDEN SPONSOR at the NAILS OLYMPIC COMPETITION!

We are also happy because now, simultaneously with the opening of the ARENA OF BEAUTY 2018 exhibition, we can present to you, a new jewel in the glamorous world of nail products!

Our new special store, the NAIL COCKTAIL BOUTIQUE. A few days ago, opened its doors for the professionals of the "nails world", where they can find everything they are looking for, in a nice and cozy place near Bulgaria Mall in Sofia (73 Bulgaria Blvd).

You have known us before, as representative of three nail brands for Bulgaria: NEO NAIL PROFESSIONAL who is the Golden Sponsor, CANNI NAIL ART, and NAIL ART PROFESSIONALS also!

We offer everything that professionals need, to create their art on nails: professional instruments, liquids, gels, color palettes of gel-lacquers, accessories and decorations for every taste.

For people who now they begin to discover the manicure art, we offer special sets, brushes, products for simple and easy nail building and unique designs.

Still have you any doubt that you do not need to visit us? Then we give you the strongest argument!

We do training for all categories - from first steps in the world of manicure to deeply specialized master classes on unique nail design and training for new products on the market. Follow us on facebook (Neonail.bg) so you will not miss new trainings!