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Kaaral SRL

Product group 2019: : 
Cosmetics - shampoos, conditioners, nourishing treatments, hair sprays and gels
Hair dyes & bleaching products
Hair brushes, combs and scissors
Hair accessories (extensions, pins, wigs, etc.)
Shaving products & barber tools
Furniture and equipment for hairdressing salons
San Salvo
Z.I.C. Da Piane Sant'Angelo
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Kaaral SRL

Kaaral supports and guides hair stylists in their everyday work. Through research, development and experience we produce innovative and high-quality products allowing the creation of endless color combinations and looks for every need. 

Our true aspiration is to blend quality, style and trends and become the spokesperson and source of inspiration for "Kaaral Made in Italy" everywhere.

Driven by the desire to evoke emotion and share our passion, our corporate vision is to create a spirit of belonging to the brand where each Hair Stylist and end customer feel like a part of the "Kaaral Family".