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Product group 2019: : 
Furniture & equipment for beauty salons
Cosmetics - shampoos, conditioners, nourishing treatments, hair sprays and gels
Permanent and semi-permanent make-up, henna brows
Face care cosmetics
Body, hand and foot care cosmetics
Medical Dermatology & Aesthetics
Body nourishing cosmetics
Body slimming technologies and systems
Depilation – cosmetics, tools and devices
Cosmetics for body treatments
Massage products
Products and therapies – mud, salts, seaweed
Beauty salon/ studio
Prof. Georgi Bradistilov 4
+359 2 424 13 35
+359 885402116
Contact person: 
Paolina Andonova
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easybook.bg is the easiest and mobile way to manage and develop your business!
Clients can book an appointment at all times for their preferred service and pay online, even through their phone. Without additional investments on your side, you start to sell your services online! No phone calls and notebooks - ease for you and your clients.

The platform consists of thousands of services in the categories "Beauty", "Sport, "Health", "Business", "Education" and others.

You can use a mobile application for the management of the working hours of each specialist. The booked appointments made in the salon and the reservations made by the clinets online through the platform are synchronized in one digital schedule! Be up-to-date and mobile - your schedule on your phone 24 hours!

To support the development of your business, use the options in the admin module: appointment change and cancellation, sending messages to your clients with a couple of clicks, data base with your loyal clietns, online product sale, business references and others.