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Lottery for professionals


10 questions - 10 prizes of you choice!     

The participation in the lottery is done by completing a questionnaire in the foyer of the exhibition halls. 

The prizes are 10 vouchers with different values. 

2 х 500 BGN       3 х 400 BGN        5 х 200 BGN

Participant in the lottery can be any professional, who visits Arena of Beauty Professional 2018 and has declared in the questionnaire that he/she works professionally in the beauty branch and can confirm it with Certificate for Qualification.

Each voucher gives the right to the winner to select a product(s) and/or service(s) for the value of the voucher from a participating company in the exhibition.

Once voucher can be used for participating company in the exhibition.  

The questionnaire can be submitted in an urn placed in the foyer of the exhibition halls.

The lottery will be drawn on Sunday, 07.10.2018, at 13:30 h on the stage in hall 6.  

The prizes are provided by the Organizer of Arena of Beauty Professional.

The products can be taken immediately from the stand of the company that the winner chose or from the office of the company by 01.12.2018.  The winners who are not in the hall at the time of the draw will be notified immediately after the end of the draw via phone call and email on the contact details provided in the questionnaire.

General term for participation in the lottery.

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