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Bul Med Consult LTD

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Medical Dermatology & Aesthetics
Equipment and devices for skincare
Body slimming technologies and systems
Plastic aesthetic surgery products and technologies
Permanent hair removal technologies and equipment
Alexander Jendov №1, fl. 9, office 17
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Bul Med Consult LTD

Bul Med Consult is an international trade and consultancy company which distributes innovative laser technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, gynecology and cosmetics. We work on the Bulgarian, Czech and Romanian markets as an exclusive representative of global leaders - CANDELA, COCOON MEDICAL, HYDRAFACIAL, SMART GRAFT, HUMAN MED, INVASIX, ANTERA 3D.

This is our official presentation.

And the unofficial ...

We are friends and reliable partners to all of our clients. We help them grow in business by developing adequate business models, marketing support, training in Bulgaria and abroad, annual business meetings. Selling equipment is just the beginning of our successful and long-term customer relationship. Our clients receive comprehensive advice on the business model and the market logic of offering procedures with the purchased technology.

We are innovators and experimentators, we are developers, we are the future!



Syneron & Candela

Cocoon Medical