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Bileya OOD

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Face care cosmetics
Anti-aging products and concepts
Body, hand and foot care cosmetics
94 Tsaribrodska str., fl. 1
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Bileya OOD

The Bulgarian pharmaceutical - cosmetic company "Bileya" offers food supplements on the market, made on the basis of organic, French fish collagen. The products of the brand - Proamin Premium Gold and Proamin Man's Premium have significant advantages to other products. The collagen in the food supplements has a neutral taste and smell and is 93-95% pure fish collagen with a high level of oligo-peptides and main amino acids, excellent solubility and is Halal certified. It contains more than 16% of main amino acids (9/10) and approximately 50% glycerin, proline and hydroxyproline, main amoni acids, which are featured in collagen type I. The collagen of the French company NatiCol® (contained in Proamin) has exceptionally low level of molecular weight, which makes it unique in comparison to the conventional collagen. Proamin is a natural source of collagen type I. the main protein in the connective tissue and the skin (over 75%), which has a key role in maintaining the tone and elasticity of the skin, nourishing hair and nails, ensuring the proper functionality of the joints. The selenium, vitamin C, hyaluron, glucosamine ensure overall care and guarantee absorption of the body, make the product the perfect formula for everyone who cares about their skin. 
The individual formula for men and women refines the dosage, which makes it a unique product on the Bulgarian market.

The "Bileya" brand will present to Arena of Beauty's visitors one more product with 100% organic ingredients. Vitamin C - 100% Organic is a strong immunostimulant,, suitable for the whole family. The food supplement is a plant-based capsule and is suitable for vegans. The natural Vitamin C, extracted from the Acerol (the most concentrated natural source of Vitamin C) is combined with echinacea, ginger and turmeric.